Planning Documentation

Please refer to Section 5 of this website for the accompanying Policies and Guidance related to the planning documents listed below.

A – E

Subject Document title Content
Administration of Medicines / Healthcare Needs

Healthcare and Medical Forms, Appendices to Policy

(Related to Supporting children and young people with healthcare needs and managing medicines in educational establishments policy)

Authority healthcare and medical forms for completion to support children and young people in schools
Co-ordinated Support Plans

CSP Book 3 Writing a CSP

(Related to CSP Guidance)

Documentation including proformas and letters for gathering information and drafting/closing a CSP

CSP Briefing Paper – Education

Proforma 1 for Agencies

Proforma 2 for Parents/Carers

Proforma 3 for Child/young person

Information Checklist

Blank CSP
Documentation to support CSP process
Enhanced Provision Forum Referral Form Enhanced Provision Forum Referral Form Blank Referral form for completion

F – J

Subject Document title Content
Gypsy/Traveller Communities Learning Packs


Experiences and Outcomes for Early Level Learning Pack (Red)
My Red Learning Pack 1
My Red Learning Pack 2

Experiences and Outcomes For Early and First Level (Blue)
My Blue Learning Pack 1
My Blue Learning Pack 2

Experience and Outcomes for First Level (Orange)
My Orange Learning Pack

Experience and Outcomes for First/ Second Level (Green)
My Green Learning Pack

My First Word Book
My Word Book


Experiences and Outcomes Second third level learning packs
Summary of Learning Secondary M
Summary of Learning Secondary 1 Summary of Learning Secondary F

Learning packs have been developed for primary and secondary: Broad General Education (BGE) which covers from Primary 1 – S3. These can be used to support learners when they are travelling/ not in school full time or indeed out of school.

They are linked to the outcomes and experiences from Curriculum for Excellence (CfE). Guidance on websites and apps are also provided.


  • Early Level; Red pack 1 & 2
  • Early Level/First Level: Blue pack 1 & 2
  • First Level: Orange pack
  • First Level/Second Level: Green pack


There are 2 packs which take account of cultural identity; one pack provides a focus for girls and one pack provides a focus for boys.

Horse Riding (RDA)

Horse Riding (RDA) checklist

(Related to Horse Riding RDA Guidance)

Checklist for completion and emailing to the Aberdeenshire local representative for the RDA group for whom there is a request for a place.
Horse Riding RDA application form is available to download from the RDA website Form required by RDA organisation
Individual Education Plan

Appendix 2 Information Gathering – Pupil’s Views

Appendix 2 Information Gathering – Pupil’s Views 2

Appendix 2 Information Gathering- Parent Carer Views

Appendix 2 Information Gathering- Additional Support Overview Document

Appendix 2 Information Gathering- Pupil’s Educational and Wellbeing Development

Information sheets to support the drafting of an IEP

Blank Template of an Individual Educational Plan

(Related IEP Guidance)

The IEP pro forma for completion to plan learning for an individual when required
Insurance cover/PVG for private therapists Insurance Cover and Protection of Vulnerable Groups form Form for private therapist to sign when accessing a pupil in an Aberdeenshire school.  NB!  This does not apply to therapists from NHS Grampian as partner providers are insured/PVG checked.
Intervention and Prevention Teachers

Appendix 1 – IPT Checklist for Induction 

Appendix 2 – IPT Referral Form

Checklist and Referral Form to be used along side the guidance for Intervention and Prevention Teachers on the Policies and Guidance page of the website.

K – O

Subject Document title Content
Learning Pathways Plus Learning Pathway Plus Application Form Application forms for new Learning Pathway Plus and for Continuation of Learning Pathway Plus
Continuation of Learning Pathway Plus Application Form Applications are made to the Principal Educational Psychologist via
Managing Aberdeenshire’s Enhanced Provision Centres and Community Resource Hubs Appendix 1 – Local Enhanced Provision – Community Resource Hub Forum – Referral Form Enhanced Provision and Community Resource Hub Referral Form
Managing Accessibility Plan

Managing Accessibility Plan Pro forma

(Related to MAP, PEEP and Risk Assessment Guidance)

 Pro forma for completion to ensure a pupil has full access to education.
Moving and Handling

Appendix 1: Form to Request Relief Moving and Handling Trainer

Appendix 2: Moving and Handling Plan (Template)

Appendix 3: Moving and Handling Risk Assessment (Template)

Appendix 4: Moving and Handling Risk Audit (Template) 

Documentation and forms related to Moving and Handling Procedures 
Nature Nurture

Appendix 1: Induction Checklist

Appendix 2: Referral Form

Appendix 3: Information for Parents and Carers

Appendix 4: Privacy Notice for Photographs

Appendix 5: Session Feedback Form

Appendix 6: Training Calendar for Nature Nurture Course

Appendix 7: Resource List

Appendix 8: Pupil Behaviour Support Plan and Risk Assessment

Appendix 9: Blank Risk Assessment

Appendix 10: Pupil Feedback Form

Appendix 11: Parent Feedback Form

Appendix 12 Nature Nurture Cluster Allocation

Appendix 13: Local Ranger Services

Appendix 14: Fire Booklet

Appendix 15: Nature Nurture Programme Assessment

Documentation and forms associated with Nurture Nature

P – T

Subject  Document title Content
Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan Pro forma

Pupil Moving and Handling Risk Audit Blank Pro Forma

Pupil Moving and Handling example Risk & Assessment & Form Corporate Vs

Pupil Moving and Handling Plan example

(Related to MAP, PEEP and Risk Assessment Guidance)

Pro forma for detailing the plan for a pupil requiring additional support in the event of emergency evacuation from the school building (e.g. in event of a fire).
Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Pro forma

(Related to MAP, PEEP and Risk Assessment Guidance)

Pro forma detailing risks and how these may be mitigated.  This pro forma may be adapted for use for pupil behaviour, physical risks, excursions or medical risks.
Special Dietary Requirements

Special Dietary Requirement Forms

(Related to Supporting Children with Special Dietary Requirements Guidance

This pro forma is also in Admission form D.
Transport of Children/Young people with Additional Support Needs

Transport Risk Assessment

To be completed by school staff to mitigate risks during transportation

U – Z

Subject  Document title Content