English as an Additional Language


COVID-19 – Resources to Support Learning at Home

Supporting Learning at Home is further resources and translated videos to support families with online learning.

Aberdeenshire EAL – Resources to support learning while at home – Primary Nursery
Aberdeenshire EAL – Resources to support learning while at home – Secondary
English as an Additional Language Resources
A resource to support and reassure children regarding Covid 19
Information on using home languages to support learning at home

Immersive Reader
Please see a fantastic video (open in Chrome) one of our colleagues in Moray did about the use of immersive reader. It can be sent to students, teachers and parents.

Religious Festivals
There is a resource on celebrating Ramadan during the pandemic.

Translated information from the NHS
The NHS have translated information about Covid-19.

My Hero is You
Storybook for Children on COVID-19 from the World Health Organisation.

Children’s stories (Stay Home Superheroes)
These stories are translated into various languages, plus there’s a video in BSL for deaf children.

Help NALDIC in a Collaborative Research Project
Are you a #multilingual family in the UK or Ireland? How is the #lockdown affecting your children’s use of English and their other language(s)?   Take part in this collaborative research project to help NALDIC learn about supporting bilingual families.

Mantra Lingua are offering free access to ebooks in 37 languages. These are great for reading at home and developing question and answer skills with your children. You can ask questions about the story in your first language and this will give them a great foundation to build their English reading comprehension skills.  Please note that the confirmation code email seems to go to your spam/junk email folder.

Early Years Activities
Below you will find translated letter ( 10 languages) to early years parents with good activities to do with children during lockdown. This resource was produced by Moray EAL Service.

Arabic Bangla Bulgarian
Chinese – simplified English with Polish websites English without Polish sites
Hungarian Lithuanian Polish
Portuguese Romanian Spanish

Free school meals letters
These letters were produced by Buchanhaven primary school. They are to communicate information regarding free school meals. Translations available in Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish and Russian. Please enter information relevant to your school in the highlighted sections.

  • Free School Meals Parent Support – Whole School
Russian English Latvian Polish
Czech Estonian Hungarian Mandarin
  • Free School Meals Parent Support – Target Families 2
English Lithuanian Russian
Latvian Polish Czec
Estonian Hungarian Mandarin

1140hrs Letter
This letter was produced by Kellands School nursery to detail arrangements for offers of early years places. The translation is in Arabic with highlighted sections to allow you to edit any information that may differ. Highlights are colour coded to help you find the correct place.

English Arabic

Domestic Abuse Advice for Parents

English Arabic

Internet Safety
Google have resources on internet safety in some languages. You can find some more languages by  scrolling to the bottom of the page when you visit the site. The following are some of the most common languages in Aberdeenshire:


Educational Psychology

The Educational Psychology Service have developed leaflets for parents in different languages.

The Children and Young People and The Parent and Carer leaflets are available in Arabic, Russian, Polish, Latvian and Lithuanian by clicking on the following links:




More advice for teachers

Please click on the following links to find:

EAL Guidelines and Forms
EAL advice, resources and information
Aberdeenshire EAL Service Glow page

Click here for more information about Living and Working in North East Scotland (Includes information in other languages)

What is the EAL Service?

Aberdeenshire is home to a number of families for whom English is not their first language.

Aberdeenshire’s English as an Additional Language Service (EAL) has a consultation, advisory, training and teaching role. The EAL Service office is based in New Deer School. The EAL Team consists of a Coordinator and peripatetic teaching staff. Most staff have undertaken specialist training in Bilingual Learning.

The EAL Service works with

  • children
  • parents and carers
  • staff in schools and nurseries
  • libraries
  • staff in Community Learning Development
  • other agencies e.g. Health Visitors, Social Services
  • voluntary organisations
  • other education providers e.g. FE colleges

The EAL Service becomes involved when a referral is made to the service. This is followed by an initial assessment where the level of English and appropriate level of support is determined.

Aberdeenshire Education and Children’s Services has developed an enrolment pack which includes guidelines for supporting bilingual learners. These have been advised by legislation and the Aberdeenshire Education and Children’s Services framework for supporting learners. The need for wider multi-agency support for pupils and their families is reflected in these guidelines. Following is an overview of the EAL Enrolment Pack:

EAL Enrolment Pack: Guidelines and Forms

Guidelines on supporting bilingual learners, including helpful hints, forms and advice.

Bilingual Guidelines

An introduction and overview of supporting bilingual learners.

Role of the school

Role of the EAL Service

Referral to the EAL Service

Seeking Support From EAL

Guidelines on accessing support from the EAL Service

Helpful Hints For Settling A Bilingual Learner

Advice on supporting a bilingual learner in settling into school

Creating an inclusive and welcoming environment.

Parental involvement

Learning and teaching – Practical advice for teachers.

Additional information for pupils in secondary schools

Useful websites

EAL Guidelines – Accessing Interpreting and Translation Services

Advice for schools on using Interpreting and translation services

Enrolling A Bilingual Learner

Guidelines on the process of enrolling a bilingual learner


Bilingual Learners who leave school

Guidelines on children who leave and children missing in education (CME)

EAL Enrolment Flowchart

Visual outline of good practice for enrolment

EAL Leavers Flowchart

Visual outline of good practice for when bilingual learners leave

Accompanying Forms/Checklists That You May Need


Pre-Enrolment Form

English / Latvian / Lithuanian / Mandarin / Polish / Portuguese / Russian / Spanish

Parental Letter Regarding Pupil Enrolment Meeting

English / Latvian / Lithuanian / Mandarin / Polish / Portuguese / Russian / Spanish

Request for Previous Reports

English / Latvian / Lithuanian / Mandarin / Polish / Portuguese / Russian / Spanish

Information Card (to encourage new school to confirm a child has enrolled)

Bulgarian / English / Latvian / Punjabi / Russian / Spanish

EAL Privacy Notice
EAL Referral Form
EAL Pupil Leaving Form
EAL Transfer from Another Aberdeenshire School Form
EAL Interpreter Request Form

Enrolment Checklists (Checklists to support schools with the enrolment of bilingual pupils)

EAL Primary Enrolment Checklist
EAL Secondary Enrolment Checklist

A leaflet about being bilingual is available to download in several languages:


Staff development and awareness-raising underpin all work undertaken by the EAL service. Training is available to all schools through Aberdeenshire Council’s professional development programme on ALDO.

The EAL Service provides professional training and awareness raising sessions for

  • probationer and newly qualified teachers
  • staff in the pre-school sector
  • staff in schools
  • Community Learning Development staff
  • staff in other agencies including the voluntary sector
  • parents, carers and families

EAL Online training

Education Scotland has developed an online training module in partnership with Scotland’s National Centre for Languages and Glasgow City Council to support the New Scots Refugee Integration Strategy. The module can be accessed here: https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/glowblogs/supportingbilingualism/

Contact Us

For more information contact:

Aberdeenshire EAL Service, New Deer School, New Deer, Turriff, AB53 6TB

Telephone  Number – 01467532100
Email – eal.service@aberdeenshire.gov.uk