(Aberdeenshire Specialist Technology Service)


ASPECTS is a service staffed by a teacher specialise in the sourcing, developing and using assistive technology to support Aberdeenshire pupils with severe and complex additional support needs.  ASPECTS aim to assist pupils whose curricular access needs cannot be met using standard school technology.  ASPECTS can provide advice, training, software and hardware, as appropriate to the needs of the pupil.


Children referred to ASPECTS should be at Stage 3 and 2 of the Staged Intervention Model with severe and complex needs.  (Priority will be given to Stage 3 pupils.)


Who do we support? To enable curricular access, we assist pupils 3-18, educated by Aberdeenshire Council.  These pupils will be at Stage 3 or Stage 2 of the Staged Intervention model.
What may we provide? We provide advice, training, assistive technology (software/hardware) as appropriate to ensure curricular access.  It is imperative that staff participate in CPD offered to train them in the use of any software or hardware provided.  This ensures the provision is well utilised for pupils’ curricular access.
When should ASPECTS be contacted? Teachers should firstly review the learning environment, curriculum, and in-house resources available to meet the needs of the child.  When this has been done ASPECTS’ involvement may be sought by the submission of a Referral from a school, Educational Psychologist or other support service.
Where is the support delivered? In Aberdeenshire nurseries, schools and occasionally out-with school (ie as appropriate to the needs of the child).


How to make a Referral

In the first instance please email outlining details of your pupil needs.  Please do NOT give any pupil identifiable information (eg name).  Initially, we will progress on an informal basis with little need to hold pupil data at this stage.

In your email, please include STAFF contact details ie name/school email address, school telephone number(s) and suitable times to call you to discuss needs.  It would be beneficial to provide us with a range of suitable days/times to enable us to diarise a phone call.

ASPECTS will contact you at a mutually convenient time to discuss your concerns and if necessary advise you to lodge a Formal Referral with the necessary paperwork.

If appropriate, you may wish to contact directly, via SKYPE ‚Äď

Post 16

Pupils moving on to College/University placements, may be eligible for funds towards the purchase of their own assistive technology sourced from disability payments.  Funding may also be obtained through the Students Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS).




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