Staff training on ALDO

In 2018 the Educational Psychology Service and NHS Grampianā€™sĀ Occupational Therapy team (Combined Child Health),Ā launched a new ALDO course designed to enhance the understanding of staff working with children and young people who may have sensory needs.Ā  The course comprises four modules and staff are advised to work through each module in turn, as the learning is incremental.Ā  Some members of staff will glean enough information from completing just one or two modules, whereas others may need to work through all four to gain maximum benefit for practice.Ā  Senior Leaders are ask to bring this course to the attention of all school staff, but especially those who are working with a child/young person who may display sensory related behaviours.Ā Ā The course can be found on ALDO under the title ā€œUnderstanding Sensory Behavioursā€.