Aberdeenshire Education and Children’s Services policy development in the field of Dyslexia and Literacy Difficulty has been advised by examples of good practice in Aberdeenshire schools, research undertaken by the Educational Psychology Service along with national guidelines. As part of this, the Educational Psychology Service has developed assessment protocols in line with Aberdeenshire’s staged intervention procedures, building upon good practice and the concept of the dyslexia friendly classroom. The National Coordinator for Dyslexia Scotland commented on our guidelines which have been distributed to all our schools and all primary schools in Aberdeenshire also received copies of the Scottish Executive’s “Count Me In : Responding to Dyslexia” information and staff development handbook. This is specifically targeted at primary school staff and promotes the development of the “dyslexia friendly” classroom. Support available for teaching staff include the following resources, please click on the links: The following documents are in line with Aberdeenshire’s staged procedures and build upon good practice and the concept of inclusive practice and dyslexia friendly classrooms.