Sensory Support Services

Aberdeenshire Sensory Support Service is a peripatetic service staffed by:

  • Teachers who specialise in working with pupils with a hearing or visual impairment
  • Communicators qualified and experienced in using either British Sign Language or Braille
  • Early Years Deaf Support Worker experienced in working with children who have a hearing impairment


Who do we work with?

  • Babies, children and young people with a hearing or visual impairment until they reach school leaving age
  • Parents and carers
  • Staff in schools
  • Other agencies e.g. Health , Social Services
  • Third Sector organisations


When do we become involved?

  • Within weeks of a diagnosis of hearing/visual impairment being made
  • When a referral is made by a hospital specialist, a parent/carer, school or partner agency


Where do we provide support?

  • In the home if the child is under three
  • In a playgroup or nursery
  • In any local authority school


What do we do?

  • Assess a child’s hearing or vision and then offer recommendations on how the child’s needs can best be met
  • Provide information, practical help, and advice
  • Provide support in the use of specialist resources to promote independence
  • Support the development of language and communication skills in pupils with a hearing impairment
  • Advise and support staff in how to promote inclusion
  • Work alongside teachers where pupils use Sign or Braille
  • Organise mobility training/life skills for pupils with severe visual impairment
  • Monitor a pupil’s progress and provide reports
  • Attend meetings to review progress and plan for the future


Please refer to guidance on physical adjustments and improving access to the school environment and communication for parents/carers.


Contact:  Sensory Support Service, Westhill Academy, Hay’s Way, Westhill
Aberdeenshire AB32 6XZ
Tel: 01224 744 786
Fax: 01224 743 568
Email:  sensory


Information on

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