Transition Resources for Returning to School

There are a number of resources included on this web page to help support pupils for returning to school. All pupils are going to need support with the transition of returning to school and there are examples included below that could be made quite generic for a group of pupils. Some resources however can be adapted to suit individual learners needs and make it more specific to them. Further guidance can also be sought from the Aberdeenshire Educational Psychology Website
Reflection Tool for Staff Reflection Tool resource to help staff prepare for supporting learners back to school. Reflection Tool created by Education Scotland for supporting pupils with ASN for transition.
Supporting Learners Back to School Resources created by Education Scotland Health, Wellbeing, Transitions & Covid-19 Presentation Supporting the Health and Wellbeing of pupils through transition Practitioner Briefing Information sheet to support the Health and Wellbeing of pupils through transition
Support Available to Pupils with ASN Resource created by Education Scotland
ASC Specific Guidance Guidance created by National Autism Implementation Team (NAIT) Supporting Autistic Learners Returning to Primary School Supporting Autistic Learners Returning to Secondary School Resource to Support Autistic Learners Returning to School A Risk Assessment Template
Signage and Symbols for Schools Signage created by Widgit to promote consistency of communication Back to School Symbol Pack Part 1 Back to School Symbol Pack Part 2 Symbol’s created by Widgit to support pupils’ communication and understanding.
Pupil Workbooks In order to support transition these booklets allow the pupils to record what the school closure experience has been like for them Primary Workbook Secondary Workbook My Lockdown Experience Overview Parent and Child Journal
Social Stories Going Back to School Social Story for Transition Back to School The Rainbow Classroom – Back to School Social Story
Storybook “Coming Back to School in a Bubble” has been created for younger learners to prepare them for going back to school by Kezia Matthews is available to view on YouTube
Dyslexia Resource Transition Leaflet to support pupils with Dyslexia
Transition Passports A range of editable documents to help prepare learners for their return to school Transition Passport  1 Transition Passport 2 Transition Passport 3 Transition Passport 4 Transition Passport 5 Transition Passport 6 Transition Passport 7