Structure and Organisation

In this section there are a number of practical resources to help you convey structure and organisation to your child’s day.  The symbols can be printed out to use on schedules. You can also show the symbols on your device to help support your child’s understanding of what is expected of them. School Closure Toolkit Many children respond to a positive motivation so there is a template of a reward chart for your child to collect tokens in response to positive actions and earn a desired item once all are collated. Please ensure the reward the child is working towards is something they particularly favour. Reward Board The home school board allows a visual representation that the schools are closed rather than you trying to convey this information verbally. Having a visual display of this also presents the information of schools being closed as fact; without it being information connected or supplied by you as Parents. Sometimes in communicating a change to routine a child can appear to blame the message giver, this resource communicates the information of school closure without you as Parents being directly related to the unwelcome news. Home or School Board There are also some resources to help support children with ASC. These resources are schedules to help develop their independence with tasks at home e.g. dressing skills. Theses schedules can also provide a support to many other children too who do not have a diagnosis of ASC. ASC Specific Resources Useful Websites Education Scotland Signposting to Support and Advice Having structure to your child’s day will help minimise their anxiety at his unsettling time.  Further support can be found on the Aberdeenshire Educational Psychology Website