Section 15 Successful Support Stories


Almost all children and young people require additional support at some stage. For some the support is short-term, although it can still be significant and require co-ordination. For other children and young people, support is long-term and requires the continuous expertise of a range of practitioners. Supporting Children’s Learning: the Code of Practice, 2005, revised in 2010 advocates that each Local Authority set out guidance for identifying and supporting Additional Support Needs. It incorporates the values and principles of GIRFEC, and advocates an integrated framework for professionals working with children and young people across education, health, social work services and other areas. Most authorities have developed a framework of identification and support at three or four different levels. The three level framework below clarifies the nature of support which is required to meet additional support needs as it pertains to one Authority. The Successful Support Stories which follow exemplify support at each of the levels of identification and support. Each story has been anonymised or slightly changed to respect confidentiality. The Support Stories provide an excellent opportunity for in-school and multi-agency staff development. Support Level 1 Support Level 2 Support Level 3 back to top