Curricular Related Resources

Included in this section is a range of curricular related activities. There are websites to explore with a range of activities you can do with your child. There are also sensory stories to help you support your child in their understanding of communication. Through repetitive use of the same story please look for signs that your child is anticipating a particular resource or part of the story.  Included are also a range of powerpoints with a curricular focus that you may find of use with your child. These powerpoints may give you ideas of how to make powerpoints that are more relevant for your child’s particular interests.  Some of the thematic units give a wide range of activities to try with your child all linked by a common theme.  The ‘cause and effect’ and ‘target choosing’ activities develop your child’s awareness of control and ownership. Try and support your child with this activity by making sure they are aware what is expected of them, reducing all distractions to allow them to focus and celebrate their successes. ASN Curricular Resources Activities There are also templates for you to do various scavenger hunts with your child. Having the checklist of the items to look for supports your child’s focus on the task and structures it for them. Back Yard Scavenger Hunt Free Printable Scavenger Hunt Nature Scavenger Hunt Auchterellon Primary has kindly donated a Family Skills and Activities Grid that offers examples of learning activities that can be completed by your child(ren) with the support of family members. This can be edited to suit your child(ren). There is also additional information on how to support your child in reading. Paired Reading Information for Parents