Covid 19 Specific Resources

A resource provided by Autism Network Scotland describes Government Guidance on children and young people with additional support needs accessing the local community during this period of social restrictions. A resource made for Parents and Carers by Education Scotland to help support children with ASN during school closures.  The newsletter offers guidance on home schooling and supporting your child’s wellbeing. An Alert Card has been made by Autism Network Scotland to support individuals with autism and/or a learning disability and their carers. These can be shown to the police or members of the public if they ask why the individual is going on more walks, going outwith their local area or is not complying with social distancing. The Alert Card highlights the government guidance that it is ok for individuals and their carers to go out more than once a day and outwith their local area if needed. These Alert Cards can replace any letters that are currently being used.​ The Alert Cards have been agreed and approved for use across all of Grampian for both children and adults. The only proviso is that they need to be signed by a Speech & Language Therapist, our SLT colleagues in Aberdeenshire are happy to do this for someone not known to them if a parent or professional feels that it is necessary to support a child’s wellbeing. The idea is that the individual will have two cards; with the ‘government guidance’ and ‘care plan’ parts back to back to make one card; and the ‘I have a learning disability’ section as the other card. This can either be on its own, or backed with the ‘I have autism’ section. Also included in this section are a variety of social stories explaining the current situation. Your child wont need every social story so pick one that suits their needs and go over it with your child. This can be repeated as necessary to support and reinforce your child’s understanding of this situation. Virus work book The Corona Virus Free Printable Staying off School – Covid-19 Covid-19 Advice for Supporting Children and Young People ASC Specific Covid-19 Resources Covid 19 Social Story Coping with Covid Isolation Pandemics and the Corona Virus Social Distancing Story For the benefit of children who are hearing impaired: BSL Video with Coronavirus Guidance BSL COVID19 Social Distancing There are also practical schedules to help support your child with developing independence at hand washing. Hand Washing Routine Hand Washing Sequence 1 Hand Washing Sequence 2