10. Impact and Outcomes

Evidencing the Achievements and Progress of Children and Young People

Demonstrating progress of a child or young person whose learning can only be achieved through carefully planned small steps is often a daunting task. Indeed unless children’s targets are specific, understood and agreed at the planning stage by all relevant parties, recording and reporting on progress and evidencing impact and positive outcomes is close on impossible. Lack of the means to evidence impact and outcomes can lead to frustration in professionals as well as anxiety from parents. This led to the teachers’ next question: ‘How can we evidence our pupils’ achievements and progress?’ Staff discussed how best to ensure parents, children and all relevant professionals are clear about their child’s progress and achievement and agreed to undertake the following:
  • Ensure and share clarity at the planning stage for each child or young person of the targets to be achieved. That is, everyone is clear about the starting point and can judge progress towards targets within IEPs.
  • Ensure a personalised, regular liaison with home using School Communication Books, shown here so that progress/lack of progress across learning, health matters, social development etc. is flagged up to parents and carers early.  Access these links for further information below:
Home school basic format Home school communication 1 Home school link tick-list Nursery home school link
  • Prepare and maintain Pupil Profiles, which show strengths, factors, needs and specific strategies of support, using pupil  profiles.
  • Evaluate progress towards achieving IEP targets.
  • Use Class Trackers,
  • Evaluate progress towards achieving progress towards achieving skills within Curriculum Planners.
  • Preparing written reports where required and an annual summative report for parents/ carers.
Prompts for Reflection How well does your school identify and assess the needs of children and young people with significant and complex needs?
Prompts for Reflection How well does the school’s approach to planning meet children’s needs?
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