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Aberdeenshire Educational Psychology Service

The Educational Psychology Service is part of Education and Children’s Services in Aberdeenshire Council.  Educational Psychologists are trained to work with school staff, parents/carers and other professionals to help children and young people to achieve.  

 If you have concerns about a child’s education please share them with senior managers and ASL staff first as many problems can be solved in school without the involvement of an Educational Psychologist.

School managers will contact their named psychologist if they feel that he or she might be able to help. Before the psychologist becomes formally involved with a child, parental permission is always required.  If the psychologist becomes formally involved, his or her assessment is likely to be based on information shared by those most closely involved with the child. This information will be shared during a consultation meeting, involving parents/carers, school staff, the psychologist and any others who can helpfully contribute to this problem solving approach. It may be helpful for the child/young person to attend the meeting, particularly if he or she is in secondary school.  At the end of the meeting there will be an agreed plan of action. A written record of the meeting will be shared with those who were present. A follow-up consultation meeting may be held to review the success of the action plan and decide if any further action is needed.  Sometimes gathering information about the child may involve the psychologist observing the child/young person in nursery or school, looking at school work, play, talking and listening to the child/young person, or using assessment materials.

Sometimes the best way for Educational Psychologists to help is through less direct means such as advice and training for school staff, working closely with other professionals, projects that help improve learning and teaching, group work with pupils, training projects for pupils or workshops for parents.

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The Principal Educational Psychologist

Woodhill House, Westburn Road, Aberdeen AB16 5GB

Tel: 01467 532983

For general email enquiries:

Tel: 01467 536400


Area Teams


Fraserburgh: Educational Psychology Service

Dover Lodge, 117 Charlotte Street, Fraserburgh, AB43 9LS

Tel No: 01467 532983



Peterhead: Educational and Children’s Services

Buchan House, St Peter Street, Peterhead AB42 1QF

Tel: 01467 537531



Banff: Education and Children’s Services

32 Low Street, Banff AB45 1AY

Tel: 01467534510


Kintore: Educational Psychology Service

Craigearn Business Park, Morrison Way, Kintore AB51 0TH

Tel: 01467 536400



Stonehaven: Educational Psychology Service

Stonehaven Education Office, Queens Road, Stonehaven
AB39 2QQ
Tel: 01569 690535